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A dictionary definition of Osmosis is “the passage of a solvent through a semi-permeable membrane into a more concentrated solution”. When GRP yachts were first produced people thought they were practically impermeable to all forms of rot; this theory has subsequently been proved wrong with the occurrence of osmotic style degradation.

The first visual signs of Osmosis is the formation of blisters in the gel coat

Isle of Skye Boatbuilders offer the full treatment to any vessel suffering from Osmosis using all the latest equipment and systems available returning the vessel with a complete new lease of life.
So don’t panic if you discover blisters just get in touch and we can totally rectify your problem before treating with an epoxy system.

Due to working within the top market of the yachting industry Isle of Skye Boatbuilders have widened their knowledge of epoxy and specialised two pack polyurethane paint systems. We can offer an extremely hard wearing superb finish to give your boat the complete refurbishment you have been looking for.

We are also very experienced with the application of copper coat, the 10 year anti-foul treatment which is now very widely used within the industry.


We specialist in the application of Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000 Paint Systems.

The benefits are: excellent chemical and abrasion resistance; provides a durable finish with excellent gloss hold-out and DOI (Distinction of Image); Awlgrip can be applied by spray or brush/roll; outstanding colour retention; great resistance to UV degradation (i.e. yellowing) and salt erosion; Custom colours available through Awlmix system; superior flow-out; provides a smooth and dense film for easy maintenance; will prolong the aesthetic appearance of a fibreglass boat.

Why spend money on a topcoat job? The answer is easy, it’s value for money.